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misc - daisy
vysila wrote in keto4life
This comm has been sadly neglected, I know. With the recent furor over the new LJ TOS, I debated deleting this comm. But now I see two people have actually joined the comm, presumably because they are interested in learning more about keto. I hope that these members found something of value here.

I added a couple of new links today, one to Dr. Jason Fung's website. He offers a huge amount of articles (about on a weekly basis) and lots of videos. And another one to the 2013 ADA guidelines which do include low carb eating.

At 5 years in, I remain committed to a ketogenic way of life as a means to health. It's ridiculously easy to maintain, because the foods are so very filling and satisfying (not to mention delicious!). There is an adjustment period called the "keto flu", which is where people fall off the program. But if you can stick with it (adding extra salt and lots and lots of water helps immensely), you will soon be past that phase and enjoying things like an energy boost and mental clarity.

My lab results continue to be good, although at age 65 I finally had to bow to taking a low dose of blood pressure medication.