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vysila wrote in keto4life
Welcome to A Ketogenic Way of Life!

My name is vysila and I am the creator, owner and moderator of this community (heck, I may be the only member ever as well). I created this community because I couldn't find another comm on livejournal dedicated to ketogenic eating, and also because sometimes it's hard to be the only keto person in a community that is dedicated to "healthy eating and lifestyles". Most of those communities focus on whole-grains and high carb, low fat eating.

I've been eating keto for three years and have enjoyed benefits like a 30 pound weight loss, lowering of blood sugar levels (I am diabetic) and elimination of medications. I expect to be a keto eater for the rest of my life.

This community is intended to be an informational and supportive community for those individuals who have undertaken a ketogenic way of life and for those who are interested in learning more about keto. It is not intended to ridicule or criticize anyone who eats differently.

The following types of posts are prohibited here:
1. Criticism or ridicule of ketogenic diets as unhealthy
2. Criticism or ridicule of any other diet as unhealthy
3. Personal attacks on members or posters

The following types of posts are welcomed here:
4. Honest questions intended to learn more about keto
5. Personal anecdotes about experiences with keto
6. Links to videos, articles and research concerning keto, as long as they conform to the first rule posted above
7. Keto recipes

Here's a handy link for your research needs:
Keto Information Resource Post

Please read the community's profile for additional information.

I would appreciate it if new members and visitors would post an introduction.


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